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Which are the Best Car Features You can Find in Luxury Motor Vehicles
Technology is finding its way in our cars at a fast pace. There is no stopping for manufacturers in adding different limousine car features. Everything in our cars has been borne from a particular need. When it comes to luxury cars the case is different. Sports cars, hypercars and supercars are all cool. Let’s all face it, everybody in the world would like to have a one and the ones who have bought one pimp them up crazily.

When thinking of Aston Martin, you are talking the coolest limousine car features. It has a Bond brand meaning there are some oddball features which give the car superb luxury. A good offer from the Bond brand is the Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Transponder watch. The other add-on that this Aston Martin brand has added since 2006 is this Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Transponder watch. It is a watch that has been updated to AMVOX3 that has advanced specs.

The core of a luxurious car is the limousine car features. The features are not only for the functions but also to accommodate the mode of life of the famous and rich. One feature found in super cool cars like the Mercedes is the champagne flute option. One crazy luxury in the Mercedes tradition is the various backseat options that are offered by Mercedes S600. You can select between a champagne flute or a three-seat bench with a compartment.

Other super luxury cars found in the market are the Escalade, and the Cadillac XTS. People who can afford the style and relaxation found in the Escalade and Cadillac XTS are willing to pay for these limousine car features.

You will find massage seats not to mention that the entertainment system found in Cadi XTS is wicked. If you are driving for long, you can relax since the Escalade and Cadillac XTS have the massage seat options that were launched by Cadillac.
For BMW alone we can compile a list of the limousine car features that this super cool BMW has. The Gentleman Function is a luxurious, simple and mesmerizing thing that all BMW owners can confirm that they are proud to have. The Gentleman Function in the BMW is a simple idea where the legroom in the front seat can be automatically adjusted.
The 360-degree parking camera is also in the limousine car features in the market. It is useful, smart and practical however not yet quite popular to be a feature or option. Other cameras and four sensors are used to achieve a complete 360 outside view in this camera. Most of the luxurious cars have these limousine car features.