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Wood Fence Protection

A fenced home look attractive while at the same time prevents access from people without being welcomed. Wooden fences can be used due to their desirable properties such as low cost and a better appearance among other reasons. Taking care of the fence makes it last longer and keep in in the best conditions possible even when it has stayed for a long time. There are various things that can cause damage to the fence such as moisture, extreme temperatures and termites. Wood is not suited by excess moisture as it absorbs the water which affects the durability of the wood fence.

Cleaning the fence is good to get rid of debris and dust that has accumulated over time making it look dirty or cause damage when left unattended to. Using a pressure washer can be better to clean and this should be done while making sure the pressure is not too much. Chemical washers can be destructive to plants which require one to cover the near plants when using it to clean. While cleaning one should also remove the dust that has accumulated in cracks and a wire or some other tools can be used for this. If the wood is to be sealed it should be left to dry completely say after two to three days from the time of cleaning. Sealing the wood helps in keeping it insulated from moisture and this makes it last for long without being damaged.

The weather conditions in a place can determine the type of sealant to be used so one should ask for the suitable one from the supplier. Staining the fence can give a better appearance and this can be done after applying the sealants. Landscaping should be done with care to protect the fence since the plants can make the wood to rot when planted too close. To keep the home beautiful flowers are needed and they have to be planted while ensuring a safe distance from the wood. The plants need to be watered and for this sprinklers can be used while keeping them at a distance to avoid getting the wood wet.

Although it might be time-consuming one should use a garden hose to water plants that are near the fence. Pests destroy wood and these can be removed through spraying and if one has signed a termite contract it also covers the fence. Considering the cost of replacing the whole fence to making repairs, it is better to make necessary repairs when needed. There are indications to know that attention us needed to keep the fence in order such as leaning or some wood being bored.