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Characteristics of a Pregnant Dog

There are so many households that appreciate having pet dogs with them. Getting a male dog usually shows that it is aware of this territory. It will guarantee you better security by ensuring that you are alerted in the event that there is a stranger on the property. Female dogs are considered to be great companions given that they are quite affectionate and friendlier with children. They will also assure you of adorable puppies. However, it is important for you to understand how to take care of a pregnant dog. The following are some of the aspects that indicate that a dog is pregnant.

You will witness a change in the food they take as well as a decline in appetite. Mostly, the dog will prefer natural foods during this period. This is because they will want foods that can nourish them and their puppies. As such, the dog will opt for foods that have more nutrients. As such, you need to prepare the right foods to supplement her dietary needs. It is imperative to point out that the dog will get tired much easily. The dog will become less active during pregnancy. You will realize that their energy is usually drained during this pregnancy. Frequent discharge of mucus from their vagina will be seen. This is usually a month after mating with a male. It will be valuable for you to check their pee every now and then to confirm this.

There will be a change in the way they carry themselves around you. It is evident that pregnant dogs have tend to have a different attitude towards its owner. You will realize that they will be quite distant and even end up growling in the event that you near them. There are dogs that will want to be quite close to their owners particularly in case they were quite aloof in the past. Morning sickness will also be quite common to such pregnant dogs. This dog will time and again throw up small puddles of yellowish substances. You can also consider the help of a vet. They will guarantee you a solution to the vomiting in case it persists. While at it, ensure that cleanliness is maintained around this pregnant dog.

It is not uncommon for the dog to gain much larger nipples. This is purposed to make sure that the dog lactates as well as feeds its puppies with ease. They will become dark red o show enhanced blood flow to the glands. They will also embrace nesting behaviors. This is usually aimed at ensuring that they get a comfortable place to give birth.